Monday, 9 September 2013

Completing the Circuit

It has always been part of the long-term plan to provide a complete circuit by extending the track across the lawn, through the rose bed, and through a shed behind the clothes-drying area and greenhouse to meet the existing track by the neighbours' fence. This was agreed in principle by the Garden Planning Authority (GPA)*, subject to a number of conditions:
  • The lawn crossing must not impede mowing, other forms of gardening, garden parties, access to outbuildings (sheds), or any other current garden activity.
  • The route through the rose bed must be sympathetic with the cosmetic and artistic needs of the garden, and must not impede planting and maintenance activities.
  • It must be possible still to use the clothes-drying area for its intended purpose.
  • Any broken or unsightly fence panels exposed by ground clearance must be rectified. 
  • Detailed designs must be discussed and agreed with the GPA prior to implementation. Aspects to be considered will include appearance, practicality, maintenance requirements, and effect on other garden users.
The design complies with these requirements by means of the following features:
  • The lawn is crossed by a multi-arch viaduct (loosely based on Glenfinnon, Shepton Mallett and similar). This includes a 6-foot long section which is easily removable. The viaduct traces a graceful curve in sympathy with the garden.
  • The route through the rose bed has been agreed. Several roses have been transplanted to a better locations, and "sacrosanct" plants identified.
  • The clothes dryer has been moved forward to make room for a 6' deep shed while remaining screened from the house by the trellis.
  • Three panels and one post of the neighbour's fence have been replaced, and the remainder painted.
A first trial assembly of viaduct components.

First tentative steps onto the lawn.

New fence panels behind the site of the still-to-be-built shed.
Optimising the route.
The lawn is crossed!
Marking the route through the rose bed.
First passenger train (on temporary rails).
Another trial train.

A Dragonfly checks out the new additions.

The viaducts with painting under way.
A panoramic view. The removable section is still in white primer.

*  The current composition of the Garden Planning Authority (GPA) is as follows: Chairman; co-opted as required. Display and horticultural authority; Penny. Technical authority (non-horticultural); me. Consultants; Jan and Gerald.

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