Saturday, 14 September 2013

Planting for a 00 Garden Railway.

My garden railway has been built based on the principle that it will blend in with the garden, and the trains running on it will "look right". It would be impractical to add 00 scale scenery as I would with an indoor layout, so it is important to choose the right vegetation around the railway.

The first place I looked was in the "Alpines" section of the garden centre. The plants in this section are generally small and slow-growing, so they shouldn't dwarf the trains, and shouldn't require too much maintenance. One of the early finds is described below.

Arenaria balearica is a low, spreading plant with tiny leaves. It flowers on short stems in early summer, and retains its leaves all year. It likes well-drained soil, sun or part shade, and is  drought-resistant. It is ideal for providing ground cover close to ground-level trackwork, reducing the chance of earth splashing over the rails when it rains.

Arenaria balearica
I have just found this post sitting waiting patiently as a "draft post". Although it is a bit shorter than originally intended, it might be useful to someone, so her it is! Perhaps I will continue the topic in a later post.

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