Monday, 9 September 2013


One of this summer's activities has been to add a bit of scenic interest to the sections of railway not integrated with the real garden. This means, principally, adding fencing, telegraph poles and other items on the raised sections along the railway fence and the neighbours' fence. Having just completed a post on the recent viaduct construction work, I realised I had nowhere mentioned this scenic work done at the opposite end of the railway. So here are a few pictures.

A 4MT 2-6-0 approaches the tunnel around a banked curve.

New fencing is visible to the right of the picture.

Approaching a farm occupation crossing.

A vertical pole shows that the curves really are banked.

Bridge over a (to date) imaginary river

73001 runs light past one of the "new" telegraph poles.
The tomatoes are doing well!

"Tornado" races along a newly-fenced section of track.

On the curve from the tunnel to the railway straight.

An evening auto-train stops at the halt.

More fences and poles.

Who left that gate open?!!

The 7.10pm Bath - Templecombe on 5th March 1966?


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