Friday, 16 November 2012

In the Paint Shop

I have spent a few hours this week working on nice, shiny, ex-works model engines and making them look scruffy. Am I going mad? Well, maybe, but my excuse is that this is how they really looked in service. Take the example pictured below. This sticks in my memory (assisted by my photographic records) as the engine that pulled me and some friends from Evercreech Junction to Bournemouth West on 27th March 1965. What made this engine memorable was that it was exceptionally clean and shiny, and it had a multi-tone "chime" whistle. However, looking now at the pictures taken that day, although most of the green paintwork had been cleaned, the rest of the engine still had a thick coating of grime and rust.

73054 on the work-bench during detailing and "weathering".

73054 at Evercreech Junction, 27/3/1965.

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