Sunday, 11 March 2012

Steam in the Garden

A couple of weeks ago, Penny spotted an advertisment in the local paper for a steam-hauled excursion to Bristol via the main line from Waterloo. That meant it would be passing the end of our garden, so after confirming details and times, we invited a few interested neighbours round for tea, cake, and viewing of the train! Bang on time it thundered past, leaving behind a heavy pall of smoke.

"Black 5" no. 44932 thunders under Haynes Bridge ...

... under the signal gantry ...

... and past our garden on its way to Bristol.
I note that the two lamps on the front of the engine are positioned for a passenger train on the much loved and long lamented Somerset and Dorset railway, which once ran from Bournemouth to Bath, Bristol and the North.

With the real train gone, we got down to the serious business of testing the garden railway, on which I had spent a few hours yesterday reversing some of the ravages of winter.

Lucy watches as a train runs over the length of track she has just cleaned.

Never one to miss an opportunity, I dug out a Black 5 similar to the real one that had passed by earlier.
"Black 5" no. 44762 bursts out of the garden tunnel.

"Black 5" no. 44762 rattles across the garden viaduct.

And finally, the new quarry shunter, an Andrew Barclay 14" 0-4-0ST built from a kit of parts, was given a thorough test run - and passed with flying colours!

No. 1 simmers at the bottom of the quarry.

No. 1 thunders up the short, steep (1 in 14) incline out of the quarry with a single wagon.

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