Saturday, 17 March 2012

Garden Shed?

Is it a mobile garden shed? No, it's a shunting engine which the quarry company has borrowed while their own engine is under repair. It came from a railway part of which runs unfenced along a public road, hence the sideplates, cowcatchers and bell.

The tram engine, awaiting identity and further detail and weathering.

I'll now switch my narrative from Model Land to the Real World.

The tram engine was built from a Nu-cast kit that has been waiting in the cupboard for some time. It sits on a Tenshodo motor bogie, which despite providing a ridiculously high speed at full voltage (especially as the prototype was governed to a maximum of 9 mph), also provides acceptable low-speed control and a prodigious hauling power equivalent to 9 typical RTR coaches up a 1 in 50 gradient.

This leaves four loco kits still in the cupboard in varying states of early assembly. They can expect some attention in the coming months, when the surgeon has had his way with me and I am restricted to light desk duties for a while. I'm minded to start with the Fowler dock tank, a useful litte engine once seen in the streets of Greenock between Princes Pier and the many other docks and harbours in that part of town.

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