Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Relaying the double track

Last Sunday, I plucked up courage and started relaying the double-track section downhill from the viaduct. The original trackbed of this section of track was found to be too steep. Fortunately I found this out before I had laid too much track, and over the past two weeks I have lifted the track and remade the trackbed at a constant gradient of 1 in 50. I now have the first 6ft of double track down from the viaduct.

A ballast train on the new section of double track.

The ballast train.

The first passenger train over the new track, running wrong-line.

Next day, a further 6ft of double track was laid. It was then extended down the trackbed with temporary track, and tested with several locomotives and long trains.

Tangmere with 8 coaches is piloted by a 2P.

The train has crossed the viaduct and is starting the climb to the tunnel.
The gradient change through the station is evident on the coaches

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