Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Engineering the Diversion

2nd September 2014

The first train ran through the diversion more than a week ago. Since then my railway time has been spent wiring, ballasting, weatherproofing, operator interface, and all the other jobs that go with a significant change to the system. This evening I put the diversion back into place for a few record photos.

The first picture shows the train entering the diversion through a short reverse curve including a left-hand turnout. The other arm of the turnout goes into the quarry. The ground-frame hut was purpose built to disguise and protect a Peco turnout motor and frog switch. The original main line is in the left foreground.

The second photo shows more of the diversion. The Oak tree that caused the problem is on the left. The main line runs out of the bottom right corner of the picture, and onto the Gate Viaduct.

The track had to be moved at the entry point of the viaduct. In the final photo, the ballast line of the old route can be seen curving off to the left of the new route. The viaduct is standing on a table well away from its normal position, to make ballasting easier.

Still  to be completed is the pointwork to the quarry, the point motors and the buildings to hide them in, and general landscaping and detailing.

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