Thursday, 23 February 2012

Railway Mouse

Today was so sunny and warm, I just had to spend a few hours in the garden. I set to attacking some of the out-of-control laurel trees which were inpeding progress on Garden Railway Phase 2. The first picture shows what was achieved. In the immediate foreground, the existing track emerges from the tunnel and starts curving to the left. It will continue this curve on an embankment, until it is parallel with the fence. It will then run straight, on a concrete lintel supported by the two perforated blocks. The whole of this section is now clear of roots, the compost bin has been emptied and removed, and the blocks and hardcore are in place. All I need now is some concrete and a lintel, and tracklaying can begin!

The construction site for the start of Garden Railway Phase 2.

While I was digging roots, I saw out of the corner of my eye a movement in the rockery, I looked again, and saw a wee mouse peering out of one of the gaps between the rocks. I think he's been hibernating there, as I noticed the piles of earth from digging his tunnels back in the Autumn. In today's warm weather, he couldn't resist coming out!

The railway mouse.

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