Friday, 1 August 2014

First through the Barn

29th April 2014.

Today I had enough movable track cassettes to run a train in one side of the Barn and out of the other side. First, a goods train was marshalled on the lawn viaduct - the lowest point of the railway.

The train then climbed the 1 in 50 through the rose bed, into the north side of the Barn, and across the marshalling table. The track included a cassette made from a length of MDF with two pieces of aluminium L angle 16.5mm apart. The other cassettes were Peco flexitrack mounted on thinner MDF to achieve the same railhead height.

The train finally emerged from the south side of the Barn, and climbed the remainder of the 1 I 50 bank to the summit.

The final picture shows the south portal of the Barn in context with the greenhouse and water butt.

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