Friday, 1 November 2013

A Tree on the Track

On Monday 28th November 2013, we woke up to find a slight setback in the garden railway development. A large pine tree has shed its upper half onto our 200 year old wall and part of the garden. An apple tree had disappeared completely, but we hoped that the railway might just have been protected by the wall.
Looking down the bank towards the fallen tree.
Looking up the bank towards the fallen tree.

The fallen tree was removed on the following Friday morning. I have to say that the team from Elmbridge council did a splendid job, and were careful to avoid any further damage to the wall or the railway.

The tree being cut up and removed
Within an hour of the team arriving to cut up and remove the tree, I had the first train running. The kink in the foreground of the picture was the only obvious damage to the railway. The wall wasn't so lucky.....

The first train after removal of the tree.

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