Saturday, 7 January 2012

Nuclear Winter

Today was unusually warm and dry, to the extent that even the lawn was dew-free. An ideal day, then, for a mid-winter check of the garden railway. I didn't have too much time, so only the section from the viaduct to the tunnel received the attention of the track-cleaning rubber and (for the quarry turnout) the WD40 and toothbrush. A short train was then summoned to run up and down a few times. It ran well, but did bring to light one fault; some of the rail joints around the tunnel didn't get electrical jumpers soldered across them before the winter set in, and after a few months of corrosion, the rail joiner is no longer providing electrical contact. Another job for the Spring.

A BRCW type 2 (/Crompton / class 33) powers past the quarry with a
mildly anachronistic Hinckley Point - Sellafield nuclear flask train.

Another useful job done today was to upload some 1960s pictures to Flickr: "On Shed" at, and "Industrial Railways" at

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