Saturday, 12 November 2011

Another engine hits the brush!

The damp weather this week means that any railway time has been spent indoors, on updating the plans for the "Mineries" layout, and in work on engines and rolling stock. In the latter category is 41249, which has had its numbers applied, crew, steps, couplings and pipes added, and a layer of grime drybrushed on using a 1965 photo as a guide.

41249 after first application of weathering.

The disadvantage (or advantage) of taking photographs of models you have been working on is that they show up any omissions or flaws in the workmanship, and I now have to get out the tools and paintbrushes again to make good.

As a result of an exchange of emails about "the last train from Evercreech to Highbridge", I also made a blue disc bearing the coat of arms of the Somerset & Dorset Joint Railway, which all engines wore on the final day of services on the line, 5th March 1966. The real 41249 was pulling that last train, albeit bunker first.

The real 41249 at Glastonbury with the last Highbridge train, 5th March 1966.

This winter's evening picture raises the question of whether it would be practical to build or adapt a model railway to represent night-time. I think the answer is probably yes - in the privacy of your own home and if you don't mind operating in the dark or half-light. Exhibitions might be more of a problem, and your layout would probably require its own darkened room and all that that entails in ensuring the safety of the public.

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